Research, Design, Engineering:
From Human Needs To Digital Products

D-LABS is a Design and Consulting Company specializing in digital products and services.

D-LABS unifies expertise from usability research, design agencies and software service providers in a single company. You benefit from the strength of our interdisciplinarity. As your partner, we develop sustainable digital solutions tailored to the needs of your company and your end users.

From the requirements and needs analysis, to the conception and design, up to the implementation of digital solutions, we provide a comprehensive service from a single source and thereby avoid classic interface problems. In the delivery of partial services, our extensive project experience enables a seamless cooperation with our project partners and other service providers.


Our goals are reduced complexity, secure handling of sensitive data, efficient work processes and pleasure in using digital products and services.

We work in an iterative process according to the principles of Design Thinking: By using proven Human Centered Design methods, we generate a deep understanding of a problem which then serves as a basis for the process of finding ideas and solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of technology and business requirements ensures successful implementation.

Working Process


We identify user needs, design processes and implement software concepts.

According to your individual requirements, we will support you with our entire process or with selected individual services. Our project leaders will care for you during the entire process and assemble a team of specialists from the areas of User Research, User Experience Design and Software Engineering according to your needs.

Based on our extensive experience of over 200 projects, we additionally offer practical advice on all of our core competencies.

User Research

Identification of needs and requirements, testing of Usability and User Experience, monitoring of conception and development, validation of prototypes and products

User Experience Design

Process and Service Design, Design Strategy and Conception, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Product Branding and Rapid Prototyping

Software Engineering

Planning, analysis, conception and implementation of application software and web applications for desktop and mobile devices. Technical and methodical monitoring of software projects.

Services Format


  • Strategy Development and Strategic Realignment
  • Innovation and Change Processes
  • Product and Service Optimization

Consultative Project Support

  • Methodical and systemic coaching on customer-specific requirements
  • Collaboration on customer projects
  • Operative implementation of strategies and innovative processes

Project Implementation/Execution

  • Individual partial services from the areas of User Research, UX Design or Software Engineering
  • Needs-oriented service package from the areas of User Research, UX Design and/or Software Engineering
  • Bundling of all services into a total package (End-To-End Project)


  • Business Coaching
  • Trainings und Workshops
  • Expert Speeches

We place your company in a position to be more innovative, more market-oriented and more successful than the competitors.

Really excited users due to optimal User Experience of products and services

Increased efficiency by alignment of processes, tasks and products

Risk minimalization by avoiding time- and cost-intensive failed developments

Knowledge building by discovering new ways of thinking in developing future-oriented products and services

Need satisfaction by perfectly tailored solutions to the actual needs

Securing competitiveness and customer loyality


Our clients include multinational corporations, scientific institutes as well as renowned SMBs and locally based start-ups.


Optimization of complex work processes of sales and distribution managers and subsequent development of a user and task-centered interface design, taking the form of an interactive prototype together with a style guide as a blueprint for implementation.

“The D-LABS project team was very well received and met with enthusiasm by the whole company, by our staff association as well as by our distribution managers.”


Optimization of web-based product documentation “Business Suite on HANA”. Development of information architecture, interaction design and visual design as well as quality management and guidance during implementation.

“I find the result really appealing!”


Optimization and evaluation of the international roll-out of Windows 7 and Office 2010 throughout the entire company.

“It was very refreshing for me to see the inclusion of actual users in the whole process. That’s something I haven’t seen before but I appreciated it a great deal!”


Requirements engineering of various user groups as well as conception and design of a Design Thinking Project Management Tool.

“Thanks again for all the great works you have done there.”


Concept development and redesign of a user-centered interface for procurement managers.

“I’d simply say: Go for the implementation and roll-out!”


Conception and development of information architecture as well as interaction and visual design for an iPad app for teachers.

“The app has been a full success! I am really looking forward to working again with D-LABS in the future as it has been a very straightforward and goal-oriented collaboration.”


Analysis of IT-relevant work processes facilitated through the company’s specialist software, optimization and documentation using wireframes.

“I’d like to cordially thank D-LABS for the good and productive collaboration”


Everyone has been very excited for you showed us very applicable tips and tricks for prototype development.

“I believe that we have gained a truly insightful overview of the diverse prototyping methods out there and that we will tryout and use plenty of them in the future.”


Designing a user friendly, harmonized and intuitive new SAP User Experience Community for all concerned parties to collaborate and learn from each other.


Optimization of work processes and simplification of the documentation software for technical service providing employees.

SAP ERP Dashboard

Dashboard conception and design based on SAP Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP) for an automotive supplier.


Development of an integrated business solution for the entertainment and sports sector. Definition of set processes for core tasks as well as development of the final interaction design concept and visual design as a blueprint for implementation.


Development of information architecture, interaction and visual design as well as implementation and text editing of the SAP FIORI online styleguide.


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