Services and Methods

Adjective Association

Association techniques evoke ideas to a specific problem using the stimulus of any words. This way innovation can emerge.

Analogy Study

Analogy studies expand the perspective for the solution of a problem and support recognizing new and innovative solution processes.

Application Scenarios

Application scenarios facilitate the insight of how users utilize your product in real contexts. An alternative term is User Story.

Applying Design Thinking

This workshop is individually tailored and involves the precise application of design thinking in the everyday work of the participants.

Basis interaction concept

The basis interaction concept specifies and visualizes the basic structure, a rough range of functionality as well as the basic principles of interaction between user and product.

Basis Visual Design

The basis visual design focuses on the visual representation of content.

Blended Projects

Sometimes specific resources or qualifications are missing for conducting a project following the design thinking approach. In such case existing project teams can be completed with experts from D-LABS and build up a joint project team.