It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work
12/17/2018 | Team Design

A few weeks ago the new book “It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work” from the founders of
37Signals (which is now Basecamp) Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson got published.
It is the fourth book, after their latest releases: Rework, Remote and Getting Real. Since the
community has anticipated it for quite a while now the expectations were high. Quick recap: it’s

UX Design in Agile Product Development – Bringing Together what Belongs Together
10/22/2018 | Team Design

As part of our project work, we are repeatedly confronted by D-LABS with the question of how we see the part of UX design optimally integrated in agile product or service development. In response, we developed a model in the design team for an ideal-typical process and the integration of UX Design and Development in Scrum.

With Katja's support, our internal communication gets even better - an interview
09/26/2018 | Johanna Wenta

Katja Niendorf writes her master thesis with us. The thesis deals with the internal communication at D-LABS GmbH and its optimization. Katja brings great enthusiasm for our portfolio and finds many parallels to her degree program.

Personas, Jobs-to-be-Done, Customer Journey Maps - how do I get this together?
09/14/2018 | Georg Eichhorn

By now, Design Thinking incorporates a wealth of possible methods and artifacts that can be applied in different process phases. This diversity can lead to increasing flexibility and even better insights; however, at the same time, especially inexperienced design thinkers are becoming increasingly insecure.

Why we like to take root in Potsdam
08/8/2018 | Johanna Wenta

Since our company was founded in 2006, our headquarters are located on the beautiful Griebnitzsee (Griebnitz Lake) in Potsdam, the attractive state capital of Brandenburg with approximately 175,000 inhabitants. Even if we grow steadily and build up further locations, we remain loyal to Potsdam for good reasons.

An interview with our school intern about his experiences at D-LABS
06/6/2018 | Johanna Wenta

9th grader Hannes Brodtmann completed his 3-week internship with us and, in addition to the varied insights into our daily work, learned to self-organize himself.

Strong team spirit despite rainy weather
05/23/2018 | Johanna Wenta

At this year's DAK Firmenlauf in Potsdam our employees gladly faced a new challenge. Even the pouring rain could not diminish the fun we had as participants or cheering fans, so we successfully reached the finish line.